Due to Covid 19 we have seen a drastic drop in donations and sponsors, we know things are tight for everyone at the moment, but the situation is getting really desperate for us now.  If you can spare a few euro, purchase some of our new merchandise or help using any of the other donation options, it would really help us a lot.  Thank you so much for your support.

  • About Kittens in Distress

  • We are a small registered charity based in Alicante, Spain.  We primarily help cats and kittens but also many other sick and abandoned animals find loving homes, ensure they receive any medical treatment they require, vaccinations and also sterilize as many strays as possible to try and help ensure there are less abandoned, suffering or dead cats in the future.
    We also care for sick kittens and cats that have no chance to be adopted and require more daily attention. With the help of our supporters and friendly like-minded vets, we hope to improve the situation of the cat population in this area. 
    We rely solely on the generosity of the our supporter and the public to make this happen.  We receive no funding from the Spanish Government or authorities.

    If you would like to help us save more lives please consider donating.  Thank you.
  • How You Can Help Kittens in Distress