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  • A Naughty Little Angel is based on Bivi's real-life rescue story of a very special kitten named Angel. 

    Six-year old Alice loves animals more than anything.  One day she sees a tiny kitten under the bushes and rescues it. She calls the cute little ball of fur Angel.

    Both Alice and Angel soon become the best of friends, but when Angel suddenly gets unwell, Alice’s world is turned upside down. 

    This heart-warming children’s story shows the love that Alice and Angel have for each other, that special bond that can develop between animals and humans. 

    This story teaches love and compassion towards creatures, great and small, and also offers an inspirational message to us all.

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  • "A wonderful sweet tale. My son loves the book and it raises funds to help kitties in need. What more could you ask for!"


  • "A truly captivating story with fantastic illustrations that will keep any child interested to the end."


  • "A heart-warming story of how a little girl rescues a kitten, showing a special bond that can be formed between humans and animals. It is full of love and compassion and so very well written, teaching children how to be kind to animals with wonderful illustrations to complement the story. Proceeds of the book sales are donated to Kittens in Distress, a registered charity. A truly inspirational story that deserves 5 stars! Well done Bivi Ariel for writing this really moving story based on a real life experience!"


  • "I wasn't able to talk about this story right after reading it. I was too "full" of it. I liked it so much. I had tears in my eyes. A real-life story written with a lot of sensitivity."


  • "Bivi's understanding of the relationship between child and pet is perfect. This includes the perspective of little Angel, and how she feels emotionally when she's with her new human friend. The kitten also loves and is aware of how good life is with Caroline. It shows the heart of the author and her very own deep understanding of the needs of animals and humans."