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  • An old, scruffy, ginger cat, has been homeless all his life and his only shelter from the rain and cold are the nearby bushes.

    One day, the cat becomes very ill and it is Moira, a little girl with compassion for animals, who rescues him. Moira and her parents take the ill cat to the vet. The biggest surprise of his life happens, when he wakes up in Moira’s room and finds himself stretched out on her bed. He soon discovers he now has a home and a family to call his very own. And he even has a name – “Carlin,” what’s more, he discovers he can purr!

    Carlin is based on a true rescue story and is the second book in this series, written by Bivi Ariel. It is another heart-warming story that shows us animals can feel pain, sadness, happiness and love.

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  • A lovely story about the life of a cat living on the streets, which gives a glimpse into the life of an animal before they are rescued and given a home. I'd really recommend this story has it shows how love and kindness can really change an animal's life. A great read for children with beautiful and brightly coloured illustrations.


  • “Carlin” is a heart warming story of a stray cat who was unloved and suffered being bullied in the neighbourhood and became injured, until a little girl named Moira came to his rescue. Moira and her parents take the cat to the vets and get him treated. The story shows how animals can suffer and when treated right, they can become our best friend, bringing so much love and joy to a family. Bivi Ariel runs a registered charity in Spain called Kittens in Distress. This is a true life story based on one of her rescue cats. Bivi does an amazing job looking after stray cats and the proceeds from the sale of this book and her other book (A Naughty Little Angel) goes towards helping and providing for stray and sick cats. By buying this book you are helping many cats to have a better life. Thank you Bivi for writing yet another compassionate and endearing story!