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  • A young street cat was injured by a passing car and the driver didn´t even stop to help. The poor cat was lying for many days with a badly broken leg, hungry, thirsty and above all very cold. One night a homeless man called Adam found a cat and picked him up. It was just before Christmas, so Adam decided to call the cat Santa.

    Adam had a heart of gold, but without having money, he knew he was not able to help the cat.Walking with injured Santa in his trolley, Adam could feel the pain the poor cat was in and this was breaking Adam´s heart. Could a Christmas miracle save Santa´s life?

    This is the third book of Bivi Ariel, based on a real-life rescue. Bivi Ariel runs a charity for blind, injured, ill and abandoned cats in the south of Spain. This heart-warming children´s story teaches all of us, that the life of every creature has more value than material things.

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