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  • Success Stories

  • Below are a small selection of the before and after photo's of the kittens, cats and sometimes dogs, we've rescued along the years with some of the stories behind their rescues. 

    For many of these poor animals, the first option sought by the owners or offered to them by the vets before Kittens in Distress stepped in ,was for them to be put to sleep.

    Unfortunately this is not uncommon, many people do not want the added cost of treating a sick animal, sadly, even when they have been loving pets for many years.

    We hope that by showing how well some of these apparently 'lost-causes' recover when they receive some medical care, love and affection, it will help educate people on how many of these kittens and cats sentenced to death for simply being ill or abandoned can make a full recovery and live for many years, happy and content.

    Most of the cats on this page would be dead now if the first option of euthanasia was taken.  Seeing these once abandoned, sick and frightened animals now safe, happy and loved, makes everything we do worthwhile.

    If you would like to help us transform and save even more lives, please consider joining our 1 Euro Club or donating via one of the other methods available.  Thank you so much.

  • Leo

  • Around one year ago this boy came to my home from the streets of my town. He was so thin and starved, as he had painful ulcers in his mouth, having feline aids. His fur was so bad, I had to shave it all.

    Over the year I had to take him to the vet many times to deal with his painful ulcers - eventually he had his teeth removed and from that moment he has only been back to the vets once so far.

    He grew his lovely hair and put on good weight. His skin cleared up. He had so many long worms in his body and he was so dirty, it kept coming to the surface every time I had given him a bath.

    He is a normal cat now - almost no symptoms of aids at all.  He lives among all my cats - aids is not as contagious, as many still believe and definitely is not the reason to put them to death , when someone finds them in a bad state.  Leo was living all life on the streets, never having a home.  Now he loves being part of my family.

    Leo's story along with the many others you will read about on this site, just goes to show that with plenty of TLC, good food, vitamins and immune system treatment, most cats get over their ill symptoms and can live a very normal life.
  • Luna

  • Luna's Story

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