Due to Covid 19 we have seen a drastic drop in donations and sponsors, we know things are tight for everyone at the moment, but the situation is getting really desperate for us now.  If you can spare a few euro, purchase some of our new merchandise or help using any of the other donation options, it would really help us a lot.  Thank you so much for your support.

  • Meet Bivi

  • Kittens in distress is a very small charity in the South of Spain.

    I came to this country to enjoy the sun and healthy life-style, but started rescuing cats and occasionally dogs, because the situation for animals in Spain is very difficult, especially in rural areas.

    I have always dreamed of opening an animal shelter one day, but the project would be difficult and too expensive without additional help or funds.

    Until a newly met friend, who was also cat lover, made my dream come true.  By helping this lady called Carmen, I got involved in neutering, healing ill street cats and finding for them loving homes.

    It all started five years ago and I have saved numerous cats, kittens and few dogs from a miserable life on the streets. The things I came to Spain for: the beach, the sun and healthy lifestyle are no longer my priority.

    Seeing the injured and ill animals becoming better after the vets treatments and finding them homes, where they can be loved and feel safe:  it´s priceless.

    I also care in my home for cats that are very sick, disabled, blind or terminally ill.